Posted by: Kostas Petrakis | April 14, 2011

Thy Gift

After a very bussy start in 2011 I am eagerly waiting for my first official brake, my first encounter for 2011 in nature, it’s been a while since I last had the chance to feel the essence of life, to touch the gold rays of the sun and smell the clean and fresh air, the air that makes you dream, gives you hope and courage to strive on with everyday madness.
I have been bussy as hell, unfortunately not for my passion (photography) but for the sake of my future (which in Greece gets darker and darker everyday), the workload is so huge that the upcoming escape feels like preparations for a trip to paradise.I always envy people who managed to escape city madness, away from unhappy faces, stress, pressure which mesmerizes your body and soul.It was October but still feels like yesterday, I can even feel the delicate nature odours as if I was there right now, the images or even better the paintings of nature, walking around and admiring a divine creation. On the other hand, I always wonder if short brakes to paradise are better, if this procedure does actually allow your brain to stimulate and react to madness, how would you understand how a paradise feels if you haven’t seen hell?
I was wandering back in October among the scapes of Pindos, it was cold and getting late, the scape was so magnificent and enchanting that made me not think of my cold hands, I had my tripod setup and I was shooting my last pictures as the sun (which was hidden above the overcast sky) was starting to fade and soon I would have to return to my camp, I was trying to frame a picture I had in mind when suddenly I felt a sweet and warm feeling to my right side, it was the sun breaking through the overcast sky and “showering” everything around me, such a magical moment, it was as if the painting changed, as if everything was not like before, soon my tries where abandoned, I turned my tripod towards a small glade that was bathed into the sunlight. The only thought in my mind was how glorious can nature be, how colors, trees and leaves can change your mood in only a few seconds…a divine gift.

Valia Kalnta, Pindos, Greece

Canon 5D Canon 70-200L f/4 Focal Length: 104mm Aperture: f/16 Shutter: 1/4sec ISO: 100 Tripod: Benro C-169 / Vanguard SBH-300 Filters: B+W CPL Location: Pindos / North Greece Date / Time: 28/10/2010 16:25pm Mirror Lockup + remote control


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