Posted by: Kostas Petrakis | May 7, 2011

Her silent language

Nothing beats the opportunity of having a few days away from the office, I took the chance asked a few good friends and we headed towards the mountain of Parnassos, although close to Athens and one of the most historical spots of Greece it has long lost its glory in terms of respect, nowdays it’s the escape destination for all of those wealthy people seeking some fancy mountain refugee. Yet there are still a few spots around this mountain that you can still embrace nature and purify your soul with the surroundings.
When I woke up and started packing I realized my first photographic yet biggest mistake, I had forgotten my precious 70-200L lense at home and I now I was only carrying my 17-40L wide angle, I initially felt like I was chosen to visit hell, I knew due to weather that my 70-200 would be a valuable tool that days, yet it was not located in my bag…A few minutes later I realized again that the most important joys of life is actually enjoying the journey and not its purpose, so a few minutes later I was back in my “nirvana” state of mind, trying to enjoy nature, company and the few days I had away from office pressure.
We started over the morning towards Sarantari refugee spotted at 1800 meters altitude, it was cool morning at nearly sea level but definitely colder at the height we where about to reach, thick snow and clouds where covering the area and the temperature was already at -12 degrees, a nice warm layering system of clothes ensured that I would stay nice and warm while venturing around.
Although the thick clouds did not allow any special landscape captures the surrounding did provide a few appealing subjects for photography. A lonely tree with a small line formation of rocks hidden under snow did provide the means for an interesting capture, the distant peak of Kelaria just being visible added to the atmosphere of the capture.
It surely was not a perfect photographic day, but yet it was a thrilling day enjoying nature once again in one of its finest dresses…
I hope someday the government in Greece will realize the crime that is committed (once again) in one of the ancient mountains of Greece, I truly hope that people will be able to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature that resides in Parnassos…only a few km’s away from the capital of Greece..

Parnassos mountain during snowstorm

Canon 5D Canon 17-40L f/4 Focal Length: 27mm Aperture: f/16 Shutter: 1/20sec ISO: 100 Tripod: Benro C-169 / Vanguard SBH-300 Filters: B+W CPL Location: Parnassos / Central Greece Date / Time: 17/12/2010 15:54pm Mirror Lockup + remote control


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